Magpie Goddess of Fear


Many cultures hold magpies as supernatural birds, objects of fear, omen, clairvoyance, and worship. In reality they’re simply particularly odd-coloured birds who’re selfish, clever, and far too likely to fixate and obsess over one particular thing before discarding it just as easily. Bildengunstrum is no exception. Being a deity that feeds off of fear, craves it and polishes it gently like an heirloom jewel she generally ascribes to the belief that less is more. After all, nearly all sentient creatures are more afraid of what they can’t see but vaguely know is there as opposed to an actual tangible threat, and there are those rare peoples who don’t fear the sight of magpie birds at all and thus her form is ill-defined and mutable when not caught beneath the light of day.

Lately she’s been quietly haunting the unquiet dreams of Nachtigal Evermillion, driving him onwards as her chief playing piece in the Game. Normally silent and aloof to her followers, she’s gradually been increasing the pressures exerted on the man’s mind in encouragement (or hungry malice). If only he would take the time to quietly sit down and go to sleep, she could have quite the educational conversation with him.



The Crossover Nachtigal