God of the Forge


Krandur is a massive god, a humanoid giant whose grey flesh is the stuff of mountains, whose voice roars like a vast avalanche, and whose veins run thick with the bounty of the earth. At the dawn of time, Krandur was the passive God of Mountains, patron of the powerful but brutish giants. As the age turned and the giants fell into obscurity, Krandur sponsored the dwarves, becoming the God of Miners, his blood making the kings under the mountain rich. In time, their greed brought the noble dwarves to civil war, and they used the molten blood of their patron to forge weapons of war. For a time, Krandur was content to be God of the Forge, allowing his gifts to flourish amongst the races, becoming a symbol of progress and a mark of civilization. Until, that is, the semi-divine offspring of the God of War answered the “Riddle of Steel”, making the strength of a blade forever beholden to the strength and skill of that arm that wields it.

This was an insult that Krandur could not endure. When the gods had first overthrown their own masters to become the dominant force of the world, he’d spilt his blood upon the rocks to forge the very first blade. When the nameless Sire of Dieties was to be imprisoned at the very core of the world, it was Krandur’s mountains that buried him, and his chains that held him eternally in bondage. That his divine works should be forever limited by the abilities of mortal soldiers was a travesty. In a fit of pique, he found an answer of sorts in the Meganites, a race of “swords” who wield themselves! If he can win with a race of forged life forms, he’ll be free to become the God of Creation, moving up in the schema of the gods and empowering him to reward his champions with what they desire the most.


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