The Gods

We're bored. let's play.


High Concept: The Great Players of Games
The Gods claim to be the inspiration for every religion, every divine thought and every act of inspiration in the universe. Their neighbours call them a bunch of tosspots.

What is for certain is that the Gods are immensely powerful beings who are very fond of games. They enjoy nothing more than playing games with the fates of living beings, planets and races as the stakes. They inhabit only one planet in the cosmos, and spend most of their time conjuring great feasts, idle challenges or hedonistic pleasures to occupy themselves.

High Concept: Dangerous When Bored
It doesn’t take long for an all-powerful race with no problems to get bored. As such, the Gods tend to manufacture their own problems. Stupid, greedy, inane and easily angered are adept labels for them, no matter their role or position.

Their greatest games consign worlds to oblivion. An angered God reshapes continents. An orgy at the wrong space-time location has consequences that the surrounding species don’t find at all amusing. The only thing that curbs their destruction is their love of games – and, once upon a time, Them.

Only one mortal race has ever defeated the Gods in war. Perhaps they are overdue for another loss.

The Gods

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