Game Setting

These are the game’s aspects, and the movers and shakers in the world of the Crossover.

Session Length: 3 “turns”, or when otherwise dramatically appropriate.

A Fight to Survive
The disoriented, alone and fearful races chosen to play the Game must establish themselves as secure. They must discover who is out there, and if they are destined for peace or war. And, of course, they must learn about the rules of the Game, and what path they will take – follow the rules and achieve a grand prize, or rebel and bring down the Gods themselves?

The Grand Prize
The rules of the Crossover are not explained to the pawns on the board. Some say winning the Crossover grants eternal life for the victor. Others claim that prosperity and power await the victor. How to actually win is not explained. Perhaps there is no reward at all.

Game Setting

The Crossover TheDeleter