The City of Vashta

The City of Vashta is a city state of merchants in the Crossover. They are lead by the guiding hand of Mirai Selene, who receives her own orders from the Night Whisperer.

Current State

Owned Territories:
Azahi Desert

Current Armies:
Dream Skimmers [6 points]

  • 3rd Street Rats – Elites (3 points)


Vashta has always been a city that lives and dies on commerce. As the saying goes, “if it ain’t in Vashta, it ain’t anywhere”. Caravans and merchants come from far and wide to sell their wares, from beyond the Nerada Desert to the east, and from the the far shore of the ocean-like Lake Innis. Archtitecture has always been more of an artform than a science in the city, with more walkways, alleys, and tunnels than the mind can imagine, meaning that traffic is much more of a three-dimensional affair than other cities are used to. During the day, to escape the harsh heat, the city slumbers like a great beast. As the sun sets, a riot of lanterns and flags begin to appear in the streets, and the city tenses with anticipation, as if waiting to pounce on unsuspecting prey. Historically, when the last sliver of sun slips below the horizon of Lake Innis, fireworks are set off from the docks to signal the opening of the Night Bazaar. At night, the streets are packed with people, animals, and performers. Every vista has something new to delight and confuse the senses.

The City of Vashta

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