The Meganites

The Meganites are thirty-story tall robots, and the chosen faction of Krandur in the Crossover. They are lead by the guiding hand of Ultor V.

Current State

Owned Territories:
Jil Peninsula
Fianna Lowlands

Current Armies:
Veterans of the Forbidden City [6 points]

  • Grand Kaiser – Leader
  • Vanguard Veterans – Elites (3 points)
  • Siege Masters – Elites (3 points)

Photon Labs Garrison [9 points]

  • Hygarde the Inevitable – Leader
  • 2 X Engineering Team – Elites (6 points total)
  • Heavy Gunner Team – Elites (3 points)



In the not so distant future of a parallel Earth, humanity struggled to find a way to survive in the wake of rapidly dwindling resources. Trapped on a world that seemed to grow ever more desolate and poisonous, mankind turned their attention to the stars. Despite rapid advancement in the fields of avionics, materials science, and propulsion technology, the it seemed impossible to create shielding that would protect mankind from the radioactive expanses of deep space which slowly poisoned and killed any who dared to leave the atmosphere. Determined to extend their influence beyond Cosmic Barrier, a private organization devoted a vast fortune to the development of semi-autonomous robots. At the same time, the Photon Labs were sponsored by various world governments, gathering some of the most prodigious minds of their generation under one roof to study cosmic radiation and determine a way to counter-act it. Their most renowned discovery, however, was not a form of shielding, but rather the Alchemic Drive, a new engine which harnessed the power of a small artificial sun to create incredible power for centuries.

It came nearly too late.

The melting of the polar ice caps had raised the water level of the planet significantly in the previous decades, however, the thinning ice allowed the wreck of an ancient alien derelict to rise once more from the seas. The scientists sent to study the mysterious city-sized vessel concluded that this vessel was the origin of the ur-myth of Atlantis. Excitedly, they picked over the craft, hoping to find the key towards creating the Arc that might preserve humanity. What they found instead, was the Gymalith. Towering black monstrosities, black as night with shining fangs and glowing eyes, when they roused from their ancient slumber they consumed the field team. They skimmed the surface of the water, hungry for more biomass, stripping the earth bare of life wherever they traveled, at first barely a trickle but soon as a great flood.

To create a weapon capable of combating these titans, the Meganite Program was initiated. The first of these armored colossi were piloted by brave men and women working in tandem with simple-minded AI who learned their pilot’s movements and helped them control the towering battle machines with greater agility and accuracy. As the battle against extinction continued, pilots became more and more valuable, too valuable to risk on the battle field. Remote control cocoons were developed and more and more responsibilities were handed to the AIs. As the second and third lines of defenses buckled under the relentless onslaught of the Gymalith, AIs seeded with the personas of humanity’s fallen champions became the standard control of the Meganites.

For forty years, the Meganites stood as the bulwark, the black wave of inevitability crashing against their armored shores again and again. The Mark III’s, those rare few machines who remembered blue skies and a humanity who still dared to dream, rose their voice. They could hold the line another twenty years … but already the ranks of humanity were growing thin enough that they’d require heavy genetic resequencing to remain a viable species into the future. A final push was required, an assault on Atlantis to destroy whatever foul spawning chamber was repurposing the biomass of a planet to feed and breed their foes. The toll of manufactured life was high, though the records claim each Meganite gave his life gladly in service of his progenitors, and ultimately they were triumphant. Though the price was even higher than they had bargained.

As they had been tearing the bleeding heart from their implacable foe’s chest, the Gymalith had in turn swept over the last of the human fortress cities, the redistribution of forces having prevented the reinforcement of those cities’ defenses. The armored guardians of mankind found there were no more men left to guard. For eight years, they struggled against the ennui of their ultimate failure, clearing away the now finite invaders of their homeworld. As the fights grow further and further apart, however, more and more of the Meganites find they cannot help but wonder … what of the future? Do they truly have the capability to become the Successors of Humanity, or are they only Living Weapons in the end?

The Meganites are invested in The Crossover. Their divine sponsor has promised that, in victory, he will have the ability to wash away the great sin of their ultimate failing. Each Meganite can feel the weight of it on their broad, strong shoulders … the coming conflict will do nothing less than determine the future of their whole race. As in the passed age, the Photon Labs are their cradle and final bastion, the only facility capable of constructing new Alchemic Drives, the promethean fire that drives their vital functions.

The Meganites

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