The Iktir

The Iktir are a race of alien warriors manipulated by The Trickster in the Crossover. They are lead by a series of governers, with Sel’Doht being their Chief Soldier.

Current State

Owned Territories:

Current Armies:
Legacy of War Unit [6 points]

  • Sel’Dot – Leader
  • Garrison Infantry – Elites (3 points)
    Colonist Expedition
  • Nan’Shet – Leader
  • Iktir Colonists – Elites (3 points)


Based upon an ironclad set of laws laid down by their long-vanished progenitors, the Iktir have slowly expanded to become a power in their arm of the galaxy. “Iktir” means ‘Order’ in their language, and it is an excellent descriptor of their society. As soon as they are old enough to think and speak, all Iktir are given a series of tests and evaluations to determine their optimal place in society, and are assigned to a ‘Legacy’ (Caste) based on the result of these tests. Each Iktir thus has a somewhat limited skillset and knowledge-base, but ‘inter-Legacy cooperation’ is one of the great tenets of Iktir society, and each individual is encouraged to seek the aid of his or her peers in other departments when they encounter difficulty.

Notably, nowhere among the Legacies is religion represented; ancient history claims that the Gods did great harm to the Iktir and their progenitors in the distant past, and as a result they drove the Gods from their home world and shun all spirituality and divinity. In the modern day, this has resulted in a viciously atheist people who persecute religious societies and deny even the existence of deities and magic.

The Iktir are completely dependent upon technology for many basic things; most only consume processed nutrient slurry, and it is almost impossible for them to reproduce naturally; all modern Iktir are grown in laboratories from the mixed genetic code of individuals from all over the society, a vital process that is carefully monitored by the Legacy of Genetics. They are believed to be an engineered species. For this reason, their populations are generally quite small, but this suits the Iktir just fine, as they like to leave a limited environmental footprint on the worlds they colonize, and they make up for it with their technological prowess and occasional psionic power.

Xynshak is a settlement of some 1500 Iktir citizens on the edge of the Iktir star empire. Its proper name is ‘Xynshak Principal’, as it served as the planetary capital and central settlement of the expanding colonization effort on the planet designated ‘Xynshak.’ Easily its most important resource is food; such an early-stage colony has no factory synthesizer to speed-grow crops, so instead automated drones farm and fish the nearby inland sea for raw materials to be processed into foodstuff for the citizens. To watch over the civilian population, Sel’doht is stationed with 300 Legacy of War soldiers to watch the frontier and enforce public safety.

The Iktir

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