The Inheritors of Man

The Inheritors are a group of mad scientist brains in jars, and champion the cause of SCIENCE! in the Crossover. They are lead by the sharp (if insane) mind of Cassandra Daedalus.

Current State

Owned Territories:
Z’ling Bayou

Current Armies:
The Facilitation Core [6 points]

  • Collectors – Fair (2 points)
  • Constructors – Fair (2 points)
  • Brain Trust – Fair (2 points)

Facilitator-General Ryan ’Ephateus


Recorded history tells of a time when man existed as many tribes upon the earth, different states that were defined by their differences and opposing belief systems. Those who look back upon those days recall a concept called morality, an outdated series of beliefs about what was right and wrong and where there existed a line that marked where things went too far. Those inheritors who are inclined to look back upon those times think of it as a simpler time.

And then came the plague from beyond the stars.

When the meteorite fell in the desert it merited little more than a cursory footnote in the global media coverage, appearing in a truncated story on page 17 of the broadsheet news papers, and in between reports of the latest shenanigans of the rich and famous. If any did take note of its significance their comments were lost in what was to come, in the days that followed when people began to die.

The first to die were the locals who went to gawk at the impact site, theirs a slow death that took weeks to occur, long enough for no one to realise the danger of what had befallen the earth until it was too late. By the time that the governments began to see the significance and take precautions by setting up a quarantine around the crash site, the infection had already spread too far, infecting each and every person who came into contact with it. Even the great scientists who were first sent to deal with the outbreak, those great and cautious minds who wore suits lined with lead and treated everything with the upmost care discovered that the precautions they took were not enough to spare them from the predilections of the plague, they themselves ending up victims – their bodies withering away to mere dry husks in the same span as all overs.

What followed was chaos, as the plague continued to spread from it’s origin point, respecting not the lines of national borders, nor any efforts of containment. Those who didn’t die to the plague itself began to fall in the wars and riots that broke out ahead of it’s advance, as paranoid governments began to turn their guns upon those refugees who fled in its wake, and the rich and privileged attempted to insulate their own communities.

To those observers who remained steadfast in their dedication to report upon what was occurring to their last breath, it appeared that humanity was facing extinction, its fate having echoes of that which had befallen the dinosaurs before them.

Yet it was in those final days of mankind that those final scientists who remained grouped together and began finding a way to safeguard the species existence. Those scientists who remained had long been discredited by their now dead betters, labelled as dangerous and unsound, their beliefs and ideas having been decried for their inhumanity. And yet it was these men and women who ended up being the saviours of those who remained, embracing the full pursuit of what they called science.

Having established quickly that there was no cure for the plague, nor any antivirus that could be produced to slow it’s advance, the scientists turned their attention to finding ways to advance the human form as to make it immune to the plague. The first step was the removal of the weaknesses of the human body, removing all that could be infected. The human existence was reduced to it’s most simple of forms, eschewing the needs of the body for nutrient vats that would be able to store the brain safe from the threat of infection. At the same time basic movement units were developed to allow for the brains to continue to be able to manipulate the world around them, the idea of making these in humanoid forms having been discarded quickly for the necessity of speed of development.

And so in the face of extinction those final thousands underwent surgery, their bodies discarded and their brains kept in storage until such time as enough movement units could be constructed for all who remained. Thus humanity was saved from the plague.

In the years that followed the near extinction of man, in the afterglow of their great victory, those survivors began the process of rebuilding. Yet the lessons learned from the plague stayed with the survivors – the fleshy form was weak, only the brain was pure. An unintended side effect of the process that had saved those who had once been human, was that the storage vats had effectively made the brains stored within functionally immortal. And thus in the century that followed the brains, now so far removed from their humanity as to have taken on the title of Inheritors, began the process of continuing to improve upon their condition, creating new movement suits even further removed from the human form than those protosuits, and developing new nutrient combinations and drugs to improve the mental capacities of those lower class brains who had not been harvested from the body of a scientist.

It was then that the inheritors began their full hearted pursuit of SCIENCE!

The modern inheritor’s continue to exist as brains in vats, carried about in mobility suits that are as varied as the imaginations of those who had created them. Regardless of their nationalities when they had been human, the inheritors are now a unified group, prone naturally to divisions that may take place in any forum for intellectual discovery. The society that has evolved is rigidly structured into castes as defined by the mental capacity of each inheritor.

And yet for all their rhetoric of unification of ideals and purpose, the Inheritors Of Man remain as divided as any society, with different groups pursuing different aspects of scientific discovery, from the development of great and terrible weapons, to the continual improvement of all life forms (regardless of their willingness to be improved or not).

The Inheritors, numbering no more now than 100,000 in total, continue to inhabit the one remaining city, it’s pre-plague name now lost to progress, and known only as Neo-Peredix. The city is a shining example of pure utilitarian form, of technology given shape with few concessions made to such vanities as art.

That is with one exception;

In the centre of Neo-Peredix, there stands a single statue of the great Nial-Gel, considered by the Inheritors to be their creator, and the personification of SCIENCE!. It is told that Nial-Gel, the prophet and first brain, sacrificed himself in the face of the advance of the plague, carrying out the last operations that saved the Inheritors, while being aware that the crude proto-mobility suits would be unable to carry out the process safely on him. Once every Solar cycle many Inheritors make the pilgrimage to give worship to he who made the greatest sacrifice in the name of Science and survival.

Whether Nial-Gel actually existed is still a subject of great debate amongst some sects within the Inheritors. For those who remember back to those first days, find it hard to remember any details of the man describing him as “completely unremarkable in any way” which in turn has caused some to suggest he exists only as a construct of the glory of science and not as a historical figure.

The Inheritors of Man

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