The Night Staff

The Night Staff are a gathering of ghosts, spirits and an unfortunate Nachtigal Evermillion. They represent the influence of Bildengunstrum in the Crossover.

Current State

Owned Territories:
The Lonely Coast

Current Armies:
Chlorals Diagnostician Squad [6 points]

  • 2 X Diagnosticians – Elite (6 points total, 2 groups of 1 Diagnostician each)


  • Lukas Gulstern, the Gravedigger


Tormented spirits bound to the earthly plane, these beings are healers (or the remnants of them) who have been warped by their sorrows and guilt. They take many forms but are usually bipedal and humanoid, with a reluctance to speak or articulate beyond the most basic words and requests. Some are bound by a need for atonement, others by the weight of long trauma, and others still by blasphemous magic. They are the fears and unquiet spirits of many cultures, many peoples, forced into human shape and trapped in the sprawling grounds of the Chlorals Hospital, some acting out routines or repetitive actions following their own twisted sense of logic and others wandering as their egos and fears take them.

The Night Staff

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